America Last. Because the Last Shall Be First

Powerful people do not make a nation great. Legions of modest, conscientious people quietly doing the right thing do that. The powerful take what others create and twist it to their own ends.

The rich are not important. The important people are the ones who ignore their own comfort and security to seek the truth and lift up the downtrodden. The rich inevitably corrupt society and oppress the weak, and their fortunes make them blind to their immorality.

War does not better the world. Instead it is kind, responsible people working for generations to improve the lives of others who do that. War destroys in hours what took centuries of painstaking care to build.

Pride does not make a nation great. Pride makes it easy for a nation to commit atrocities against the weak, and to then delude itself by calling them victories over evil.

Those who seek to be first shall be last. Those content to be last shall inherit the earth.

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