Buddhist POV – Is Trump a Good Leader?

In the Pali Canon, there is a list (of course) of the ten qualities that a good ruler should exemplify.

Trump fails every point.  He is uncharitable, immoral, self-centered, a spouter of obvious and pathetic falsehoods, ridiculously arrogant, painfully undisciplined, as provocable as a tired toddler, vengeful and denigrating to the weak, lacking even a shred of either patience or forbearance, bigoted in every way, and without a modicum of respect or decency toward anyone who disagrees with him.  What a sad little man he is.

Read it and grieve for our republic.


From Wikipedia: The Ten Virtues of a Buddhist Ruler

1. Dāna (charity) — being prepared to sacrifice one’s own pleasure for the well-being of the public, such as giving away one’s belongings or other things to support or assist others, including giving knowledge and serving public interests.

2. Sīla (morality) — practicing physical and mental morals, and being a good example of others.

3. Pariccāga (altruism), being generous and avoiding selfishness, practicing altruism.

4. Ājjava (honesty) — being honest and sincere towards others, performing one’s duties with loyalty and sincerity to others.

5. Maddava (gentleness) — having gentle temperament, avoiding arrogance and never defaming others.

6. Tapa (self controlling) — destroying passion and performing duties without indolence.

7. Akkodha (non-anger) — being free from hatred and remaining calm in the midst of confusion.

8. Avihimsa (non-violence) — exercising non-violence, not being vengeful.

9. Khanti (forbearance) — practicing patience, and trembling to serve public interests.

10. Avirodhana (uprightness) — respecting opinions of other persons, avoiding prejudice and promoting public peace and order.

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There’s really nothing I can add to this list.  It highlights the utter failure, both as a leader and as a human being, of the puffed-up toad that is Trump.

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